Antwerp to be car-free by 2024?


The City of Antwerp wants 83% of the streets between the Scheldekaaien (Scheldt Quays), the Oudeleeuwenrui, the Leien (the Boulevards) and the Kronenburgstraat to be car-free or almost car-free. Autovrij and autoluw in Dutch.

Antwerp’s historic, 16th century, centre contains 73 (!) km of streets. 13% is marked as residential yard, 28% car-free. By 2024 this should be 16% and 29%. After 2024 this should b together 83%.


The keyword is yard. A residential yard (woonerf) is an almost car-free zone where people reside and motor vehicles are only occasional guests. A yard (erf) also allows small businesses such as bars and restaurants.

Only motor vehicles of residents will be allowed to park. There will be some exceptions: for caregivers, handymen and such professions.

We’ll have to wait and see what it will be in reality.

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  1. cbholganza says:

    wow! I guess it’s gonna be bicycles or a super efficient transport system in place then. truly amazing!

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    1. Timothy says:

      We’ll see. Hopefully. We have a bike-share system yes, and trams and buses.

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      1. cbholganza says:

        good luck on your noble endeavor. make it a big success. and hopefully we can emulate you.

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      2. Timothy says:

        Thank you!


      3. cbholganza says:

        bike-sharing! now that’s a pretty good idea! excited to see if it can work.

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      4. Timothy says:

        It is already working well.

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      5. cbholganza says:

        Great! wonder if that can work in a big metropolis like ours. maybe worth trying.

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      6. Timothy says:

        Antwerp is quite small. There are bike-sharing systems in London and Paris. But I don’t know how far out they go.

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