SWITZERLAND | Rapperswil-Jona, Town of Roses


It rained a lot in Rapperswil-Jona in the Sankt Gallen canton of Switzerland. But the town is quaint with an overlooking castle and medieval street. You can reach it via the Seedamm.

Rapperswil-Jona is marketed as ‘Town of Roses’ and is located on the upper end of Lake Zürich.

In addition to being a car-free medieval town, Rapperswil has a great deal to offer namely a lovely bathing resort, a castle with a Polish Museum, Knies Children’s Zoo, a wooden bridge to Hurden.


Roses decorate the coat of arms of the town of Rapperswil-Jona located on the upper end of Lake Zurich, and all types and colours of this gorgeous flower bloom in Rapperswil’s public areas and three rose gardens.


The castle towers above the town and lake and is the landmark. The castle hill affords a panorama view from the Glarus Alps all the way to the Zürich Oberland.

Several churches, chapels and monasteries bears testimony to the past. The medieval old town with very little traffic – a protected historic monument, the lake promenade and varied excursion possibilities make Rapperswil particularly suitable for families with children.



The Seedamm is a partially artificial causeway and bridge at the most narrow area of Lake Zürich, between Hurden (SZ) and Rapperswil (SG). The Seedamm carries a road and a railway across the lake, with the railway being used by the S5 and S40 lines of the S-Bahn Zürich and by the Südostbahn Voralpen Express.

In addition to the Seedamm or lake dam for road and rail, a wooden bridge for pedestrians – probably not unlike in the past – provides access to the other side of the lake. This wooden bridge also happens to be the longest wooden bridge in Switzerland.

Worth wile?

I’m sure it is, but it rained cats and dogs. So we didn’t really enjoy it. A next time, when it’s dry.

With input of My Switzerland and Wikipedia.

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