ANTWERP PRIDE 2020 | TV channel and make-your-own-pride initiatives to keep everyone safe from COVID-19

No crowded parade or other parties for Antwerp Pride 2020, obviously. But a walking trail, a pop-up tv channel – AntwerpPride.TV – and other alternatives are there to fill a void.

The walking trail and the online tv channel had been more or less announced earlier. AntwerpPride.TV will bring a mix of existing content such as short films and documentaries and will create new content by reporting on what’s happening in town.

The ‘Trail of Stories‘ will place locals in the picture wit an interesting LGBTQI Antwerp related story. QR codes will link to their story.


Other noteworthy activities are:

  • Human Rights Friday, with debates around current issues such as wellbeing in lockdown regimes and (anti)racism and Black Lives Matter.
  • Guided tours.
  • The pride exhibition at M HKA, ‘Together‘.
  • The films ‘Pride‘ at Kinepolis on 4 August and ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert‘ at OLT Rivierenhof on 5 August.


Antwerp Pride chairman Bart Abeel underlined the importance of health and safety. “Be smart. Don’t act as if the virus isn’t there. Let’s enjoy the freedom we have, let’s use it wisely and let’s not cut corners.

Pride everywhere

Antwerp Pride hopes LGBTQ people and allies will celebrate pride anyway. “Wear your pride outfit regardless. Go shopping, g work out and see your grandparents in the clothes you would have worn at the parade.”

Fly the pride flag(s).

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