REVIEW | Hyperion Leipzig

Every year we plan a few big trips together, Timothy and I. When we heard ÖBB’s proposal to launch Nightjet service to Brussels in December 2019 we jumped on the occasion and included a ride back home from Austria to Belgium on the Nightjet after our autumn Berlin, Czechia and Slovakia trip. However as we all know in early 2020 an annoying new coronavirus COVID-19, appeared and shook up travel all over the world. We changed our plans to an itinerary in ‘safe’ Germany including stops in Leipzig, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Munich, Lindau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen from where we would take a short train ride to Innsbruck to board our Nightjet back home.

Our first stop of the trip was in Leipzig where we selected the brand-new and conveniently located Hyperion Leipzig right next to the main station. It only opened in early 2020 and thus looked very fresh and modern. While the exterior was a rather dull rectangular design, the lighting used to illuminate it by night did improve the aesthetic somewhat. Inside the lobby there was a big round desk where check-in and guest services could be found.

Behind the desk was a curved stair leading up to the conference rooms on the first level, to the left was the hotel bar, to the back the entrance to the restaurant and to the right the elevators to the room levels. In the corridors to the rooms every room had a different famous German on the door, so if you are bed at remembering numbers just remember the famous person, a nice gimmick!

Check-in was fast and we got the keys for our room on the 3rd floor. To celebrate being able to travel we selected to treat ourselves and booked a Junior Suite. It was a spacious room, with a nice sofa in the corner, a big desk where Timothy could get his work done and a huge and yet slightly too hard (for my liking) bed in the middle.

At each side of the bed there was ledge to put your belongings on as well as a power plug at both sides. Each side also had a sort of ‘cockpit’ with different touch buttons to control the air-conditioning as well as the different lighting options in the room.

Under the bed there was also a night floor lighting, activate by a movement sensor whenever you had to get up in the night to go to the bathroom.

This is a very clever idea to provide some light to avoid people tripping over things without having to look for the right switch to not flood the room in light, the only other hotel I experienced this at was the InterContinental Lyon and I hope more hotels will implement this feature in the future. The single downside of the room was the spotty WiFi connection, probably also due to the fact that it is a new and very well insulated hotel as well as having a room at the end of the corridor, often we had only a slow connection or even no reception at all.

The bathroom was also a very spacious affair, and very well designed. The grey stones gave it a simple but luxurious look and feel and the floor heating made it very pleasant to walk around barefoot in the bathroom. In the main part of the bathroom there was a huge bathtub and 2 sinks with plenty of storage space, in the back there where two frosted glass doors leading to separate rooms for the toilet and walk in shower.

The hotel also offered a big amount of toiletries, both big dispensers for liquid hand soap and body lotion as well as big amount of smaller individual toiletries for shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and more body lotion. There were also a huge number of towels available per person, I never saw a hotel being this generous.

As we booked a Junior Suite we were entitled to access the Executive Lounge on the top level of the building, providing with a panoramic view over the station square in front. The design of the lounge was also very well executed, with a very nice colour palette and various types of seats and tables so you could always find something that perfect suited your needs.

In one corner there was a small pantry area where you could get soft and hot drinks all day, wine and beer was offered in the evening.

Due to corona no proper food offering was offered, but the hotel did advertise there would be a breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner snack offering in normal times. They did however do an effort to put some chocolates and crisps during the evening hours. The things the lounge lacked where a toilet, you always needed to go to your room for that, as well as regular clean-up. You had to clear your plates and glasses yourself to an area where the staff would collect them, but they piled up quite fast and I never saw anyone coming to clean them up.

On the same top level of the hotel as the executive llounge there was also the fitness and spa area. The fitness area provided a basic offer of exercise machines and Timothy loved the fact that it was very quiet and he was able to switch the tv to a channel he liked to watch while working out. There was also a sauna available, but this was temporarily closed due to coronameasures.

In the morning normally breakfast was served in the lounge, included in the room price. Due to corona there not being any food service in the lounge we were forced to have breakfast in the main restaurant downstairs and also pay the €15 per person price for it, in my opinion they could have given a complimentary breakfast to people with executive lounge access as a compensation for the lack of food service in the lounge.

However for the price we paid the breakfast was very generous and of a very high quality. There was a wide choice of food including made to order egg dishes, hot food items, cold cuts, breads, cheeses, yoghurts, fruits, pastries and some very delicious local cakes. I also loved the huge amount of different juices on offer as well as the separate hot water dispenser for tea, avoiding big queue ups.

The coronameasures at breakfast were also quite meagre, we only had to queue and wait for us to have a table being assigned, as they tried to provide enough space in between people. But except for the disinfecting your hands upon entry and mandatory facemasks when fetching things from the buffet, there was no change from normal times. Everyone could still grab everything themselves, using the same cutlery and often people not keeping their distance. From a corona measures point of view, this could have been arranged better.

All in all we did have a very good impression of Hyperion and I hope to experience them again in the future, especially to see what their lounge offering would be in a normal times. I had never heard of Hyperion and their mother holding H Hotels before, but they were a nice discovery and worth a look at for my next trips.

Have you ever stayed at a Hyperion and what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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