ÖBB Nightjet to Brussels to ride three times a week, Innsbruck route scrapped

ÖBB, the Federal Railways of Austria, is scrapping its Innsbruck route. That is the reason why we booked a voyage on it a few weeks ago. The Vienna – Brussels – Vienna service will run three times a week as of December 2020. 

We were disappointed of our experience, although previous Nightjet adventures were quite nice. 

The Nightjet will leave Vienna on Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Sunday night and return the day after respectively. 


ÖBB is starting a daily Amsterdam Nightjet service from Vienna and Innsbruck. 

Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Rome

ÖBB is ambitious. It wants services from Paris to Berlin and from Stockholm to Rome

The Österreichische Bundesbahnen and their Swiss colleagues of SBB-CFF-FFS have many ambitions in Europe. And Sweden wants a Malmö – Cologne – Brussels service. 

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