NIGHTJET | Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB and Swiss Federal Railways SBB-CFF-FFS present 2024 Austro-Swiss night train plans for Europe

The Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) or Austrian Federal Railways and their Swiss colleagues SBB-CFF-FFS present a map of their future Austro-Swiss night train plans for Europe in 2024.

Using Zürich HB as a central hub, the night train network links Austria and Switzerland with Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Czechia, France and even Spain.

Today there are already night trains to Belgium and Poland


ÖBB uses its Nightjet brand for night trains. The Austrians look to a future where more people will choose more sustainable travel by (night) train over low-cost air travel.

Zürich to Barcelona or to Rome immediately caught our interest, for sure. 

More on Nightjet and night trains

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