REVIEW | Avanti West Coast Lounge London Euston station

Inspired by the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, we travelled by train to England in March. Combining ESC host city Liverpool with the industrial heritage of Manchester. Manchester to Liverpool was also the first steam railway line ever. A perfect pretext to travel to The North.

Before our First Class journey on Avanti West Coast to Liverpool we could make use of their lounge in London’s Euston station. We specifically planned a long layover as a buffer for any delays on the inbound Eurostar, thus we were happy to have a decent place to wait.

The lounge is located on the mezzanine level of the station, reachable by elevator and escalator and overlooks the main station concourse. The space is nicely decorated with plenty of different seating styles, catering to each and everyone’s wishes.

When we arrived the breakfast selection was still set up with some cheese scones, Danish pastries and bread with smoked salmon and cream cheese. During our stay in the lounge these items where progressively changed to crisps and olives and other all-day offerings. Soft and hot drinks where self-serve while alcoholic drinks could be ordered (and paid) at the bar.

The lounge also features a big toilet area, including showers. These are mainly intended for use by the sleeper passengers of Caledonian Sleeper that also use this lounge.

This surely is one of the better railway lounges we visited. While it might not be up to par with a lot of airport lounges, one may not forget that railway passengers don’t spend nearly as much time nor pay as high fares as you do when flying, thus the offer is more than sufficient for the average rail passenger.

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