ANTWERP | Preliminary draft of Strategic Spatial Plan approved

The City of Antwerp is working on a new spatial plan for Antwerp that meets all the spatial challenges facing the city. This strategic vision will guide and shape the spatial development of the city in the coming decades. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the preliminary design for the Strategic Spatial Plan (Strategisch Ruimteplan) for Antwerp. The broad substantive lines from the concept note will be retained and a new policy framework will be developed.

The Antwerp Strategic Spatial Plan is based on the central ambition to be the most livable city in Flanders, which strives for a high quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Alderman for Spatial Planning and Urban Development Annick De Ridder (N-VA): “As a particularly dynamic city, Antwerp underwent many urban transformations over the centuries, each more historic and spectacular than the next. Urban renewal was and is therefore in our Antwerp blood. That story is far from over. In order to provide a good answer to all spatial challenges, we are providing a solid update of the spatial vision for the city with the Strategic Spatial Plan for Antwerp. This spatial plan has a time horizon of 2040 and aims to further develop our beautiful city as a dynamic and innovative residential and network city within a resilient landscape. So with the SRA we are looking Smart Spatially Ambitious at the city of tomorrow!”

Vibrant residential city, resilient landscape and smart network city

The spatial plan defines three layers that determine the quality of life in the city from a spatial perspective: lively residential city, resilient landscape and smart network city. 

The ambitions are:

  • A high-quality and healthy living environment in which everyone feels at home, with a housing offer that meets their needs, close to amenities.
  • More space for greenery and water makes the city resilient and liveable for people, plants and animals.
  • A pocket-sized metropolis, connected to the region, with the right functional and mobility links.

Area-oriented policy

The spatial plan focuses on seven sub-areas, each with its own identity:

  • Scheldt, including the left and right banks of the river;
  • Intra Muros, the area within the Ring;
  • Across the Ring, the area of De Grote Verbinding (The Great Connection) in the Ring Zone;
  • 20th Century Belt, the area outside the Ring;
  • Linkeroever (Left Bank);
  • Northern districts of Berendrecht-Zandvliet-Lillo and Ekeren;
  • Harbour Edges and Canal Zone.

Medium-term policy framework

The preliminary design defines a new policy framework, ‘Giving space to the City of Tomorrow‘ (‘Ruimte geven aan de Stad van Morgen‘), which focuses on, among other things:

  • The Antwerp construction shift, with strategic urban renewal that preserves as much open space as possible;
  • Strong and livable neighbourhoods;
  • More space for greenery, water and the energy transition;
  • Ring City with Ring Parks.

Further steps

The design will be provisionally adopted in the autumn of 2023, after which the public inquiry will start. The ambition is to deliver the final SRA by early 2024.

More information about the Antwerp Strategic Spatial Plan can be found at, and the preliminary draft can also be downloaded there.

On the look of Antwerp

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