Rainbow zebra crossing in Borgerhout 

Rainbow zebra crossing and Borgerhout Town Hall.

The Borgerhout district in the city of Antwerp has now its own rainbow zebra crossing. These rainbow zebra crossing are painted as a support to LGBTQIA+ people and to visibly mark diversity.

Borgerhout is the first district in Antwerp, outside the ‘core’ district of Antwerp, to have such a crossing.

Borgerhout is  – both rightly and wrongly – (in)famous for its population with a migration background and for white inhabitants who love to underline their progressiveness. 

This reflected in in the district government, where other political parties are present than in the city government or in the governments of other Antwerp districts. In Borgerhout, there is a coalition of Groen (Green), PVDA (Workers’ Party) and Vooruit (Social Democrats). So no Flamingant conservatives of N-VA or Liberal Democrats of Open Vld. 

Borgerhout Town Hall

The rainbow zebra crossing is located at Borgerhout Town Hall, crossing the Eliaertsstraat and adjacent the Turnhoutsebaan

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