Darklands 2022 introduces Puppy Walk through streets of Antwerp 

Puppy Pride flag.

Belgian Leather & Fetish Pride Darklands in Antwerp is set to take place from Wednesday 4 to Monday 9 May 2022. Pandemic or not, the organising committee continues its preparations. Darklands announced a Puppy Walk through the streets of Antwerp. And no, there are (probably) no actual puppies involved.

Delta, omicron or other Greek letters don’t scare Darklands. May 2022 is far away and by then one must be confident vaccin booster shots, COVID Safe Tickets and other coronavirus countermeasures must make Darklands possible. 

Ticket sales are going well and some events are already sold out. Quite a few partner hotels are already sold out that weekend.


Puppy Walk

“For the first time there will be a puppy walk during Darklands. The walk will take about an hour and gives pups and handlers a chance to make a walk through the city.

“The walk is free of charge and there’s no limit on participants. We gather at the Darklands City Bar & Visitor Centre on the square across from Mister B. The walk will start at noon. We should arrive at Waagnatie/Darklands between 1 and 1:15 pm, in time for the European Puppy & Handler election.”

This will give the event loads of visibility. 

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