Antwerp Pride 2021: “Long time, no see”

Antwerp Pride 2021.

Pride is more than party. Pride is protest. But pride is also a celebration and is also a party. That was – and as I’m writing this still is – unsurprisingly the reigning vibe this Antwerp Pride Saturday.

This year’s theme is ‘Not just words‘ and the Eddy Demarez incident couldn’t illustrate more its point. 

But at the Pride Village, party, celebrations and seeing friends and acquaintances again took center stage. The same of course was and is true for other pride affiliated (or not) events such as Woodpop, Pride Fest or Terrazza. To name a few of the outdoor events which were hastily organised in the weeks and sometimes days before this pride weekend. 

I had countless “long time, no see” conversations, catching up superficially with people I hadn’t seen in eighteen or so months. 

During COVID-19 lockdowns we all had attention for friends, not so much for acquaintances. 

It was als the first dance party I attended since Darklands 2020.

A covid safe event such as the Pride Village felt and feels like a giant leap towards normality. It felt so good kissing people hello. 

Happy pride. 

Diversity at Antwerp Pride.

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