#Zaakzonderhaat, a symbol for LGBTQI safe spaces in Antwerp

On International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) – 17 May – Antwerp Pride, Mister Gay Belgium, Het Roze Huis, Unia and the Antwerp horeca federation are launching Zaak Zonder Haat, Business Without Hate, with accompanying #zaakzonderhaat. It has the support of the City of Antwerp and Police Zone Antwerp.

Hotels, bars, cafés, restaurants and clubs will be able to earn a pansy symbol designed by Paul Harfleet and his The Pansy Project


The pansy is something to be earned. Entrepreneurs who want to earn this quality mark will have to follow a one-hour e-learning session on how to make the hotel, bar, café, restaurant or club into an actual LGBTQI safe space.

Café Den Engel on the Grote Markt will receive the first pansy from alderman of Equal Opportunities Karim Bachar (Vooruit). In Flemish, café is more often a bar than a café in the English sense of the word. The managers haven’t done the e-learning yet, but have promised to do so. 

On 17 May mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Mister Gay Belgium 2020 Joren Houtevels hoist the rainbow flag at the Antwerp Opera House

“To be clear, there is no real issue with the horeca in Antwerp“, Antwerp Pride chairman Bart Abeel says. “But the pansy is an extra tool for horeca to signal they are welcoming LGBTQI people. For LGBTQI people who are unsure where they will be welcome, the pansy will help.

Houtevels stressed the importance of visibility. “Certainly in times of social distancing. 

Horeca Antwerpen: “Hospitality is paramount which means being inclusive without exclusion. We are proud anyone ids welcome and we can show this.”


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