City of Antwerp opens grand coronavirus test facility or ‘Test Village’ at Spoor Oost in Borgerhout


The City of Antwerp is opening a ‘test village’ or ‘test street’ for citizens who want to be tested for coronavirus COVID-19. This test facility at Spoor Oost in Borgerhout is aimed at people without symptoms. People with symptoms should see their general practitioner (GP).

It’s actually because hospitals and GP’s, house doctors in Flenglish or family doctors in Frenglish, are swamped the City starts this ‘test village’. It should be able to process up to 4,000 tests per day!

The facility is expected to be ready next week.

“It’s like a drive-in, for cars and for people on foot”, says Alderman for Public Health Fons Duchateau (N-VA). “We aim to test people returning from other countries or people who were in contact with contaminated people, but who don’t have symptoms.”

A new University of Antwerp lab will process all the samples gathered.

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