Scotland, our first trip together part 7: from Glasgow back to Belgium

Back in 2013 I was planning on making a trip to Scotland with a colleague as we were both fascinated by travelling by train and where interested in making one through the birth nation of trains. We decided to head through England all the way up north to the rugged terrain of Scotland. Unfortunately the colleague I was planning this trip wasn’t able to make the voyage and this is where Timothy came into the picture. Even though he just joined the company and barely knew me, he took the plunge when I asked him to join me on a trip to Scotland. Little did we know this would only be the very first chapter in a whole range of travel adventures together.

After finishing our tour of the Scottish highlands in Glasgow it was unfortunately time to go back home. When travelling from London to Scotland we travelled on East Coast along the East Coast Mainline, but to shake things up we decided to travel back on Virgin Trains on the West Coast Mainline. Virgin was one of the longest running private railway companies of the post 1990’s privatisation effort, it only recently changed operators to Avanti West Coast.


We travelled southbound on one of their electric Pendolinos, they have an active tilting system enabling them to travel faster through curves. The tilting action can clearly be felt when going through the various curves but it is not uncomfortable. Once again we had the luck of travelling in First class. Most seats where around tables in a 1-2 configuration. As is the habit in the UK the on-board catering in first class is complimentary and the tables where already set with cups and condiments when we boarded.

Throughout the journey we were frequently served drinks and due to the relatively long travel time had 2 meal services. The meal services where less elaborate than on East Coast however, with only pre-packaged food.

The route first takes us through a hilly landscape before flattening out some more as we head into the middle of England.

The first part of the line just has 2 tracks, only after Crewe the line extends to a 4 track layout with fast and slow lines all the way into London Euston.


In London we only had to take a short walk along the road from Euston to Saint Pancras where we boarded our Belgium bound Eurostar.

We had a very nice trip to Scotland, and this really solidified our friendship. Ever since we have travelled at least once a year together, trying to find a new destination and experience every time.

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