Province of Antwerp adapts curfew

The Province of Antwerp is adapting some corona countermeasures. The curfew is now 1.30 AM to 5.30 AM. Governor Cathy Berx speaks of “nachtklok” (night clock) instead of “avondklok” (evening clock). It doesn’t translate into English.

Also, rules for restaurant visits are slightly loosened. Bars can now stay open until 1 AM.

Cultural performances are possible again. But no party’s, no festivals. We are still expected to minimize social contacts. 

Face coverings covering mouth and nose are still mandatory everywhere with a few exceptions. Gyms already opened again.


The previous coronavirus countermeasures were highly challenged. Not only in the media and on social media, but also with a petition to annul the police ordinance regulating the curfew.

Experts in the Belgian Constitution say the Police Ordinance of 5 August was unconstitutional. They sent a petition to the Council of State. But they also say the Police Ordinance of 12 August is written better and better motivated. 

Council of State?

In Belgium the Council of State has two main tasks. It acts as a ‘supreme court’ for administrative acts and can suspend or annul them. 

It is also advisory body for (future) legislation. It will comment on wording and quality of bills of laws. 

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