Curfew in Province of Antwerp between 11.30 PM and 6 AM, all events and party’s cancelled in Antwerp metropolitan area

The Province of Antwerp is introducing an unprecedented curfew as a coronavirus countermeasure. No-one is allowed outside home between 11.30 PM (23:30) and 6 AM except for going to work or the hospital. Furthermore, all party’s and events are cancelled in the City of Antwerp and neighbouring municipalities.

Other measures are:

  • Mandatory face mask or other covering (mouth and nose) in the public domain and where 1.5 metre distancing is impossible.
  • Individual contact sports are cancelled.
  • Team sports only for under 18s.
  • Bars and restaurants must close at 11 PM (23:00).
  • Bars and restaurants must guarantee 1,5 metre social distancing or provide some kind of shield or wall.
  • Bars and restaurants must keep record of visitors during four weeks.
  • No more ‘fun shopping’ at markets. Maximum 30 minutes. The same applies to all other shops.
  • Telework (work from home) is mandatory.

No party’s or events

Plus, all party’s and events are cancelled in the Antwerp metropolitan area. This includes the City of Antwerp, Zwijndrecht, Stabroek, Kapellen, Brasschaat, Schoten, Wijnegem, Wommelgem, Ranst, Boechout, Borsbeek, Mortsel, Hove, Lint, Kontich, Edegem, Aartselaar, Boom, Niel, Schelle, Hemiksem, Rumst.

Gyms and party halls must close.

Stay in or stay away

Governor Cathy Berx asks people to stay away from the province or to stay in. But it’s not a formal rule.

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  1. pedmar10 says:

    wow stay safe, here we have some clusters but still ok to go out we are out tomorrow in the north of brittany and nexe month normandy! Cheers

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    1. Timothy says:

      Thank you. I feel it’s more drama than the reality but yes we’re back to restrictions.


      1. pedmar10 says:

        Exactly. More died from the flu cancer etc.

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