Belgium reduces social contact bubbles to five people, but liberty of movement stays

As the coronavirus epidemic has a Second Wave in Belgium, the National Security Council has issued nu rules. They start on Wednesday the 29th of July.

Social contact bubbels are reduced to five people outside the household, not counting children under 12 years old. Those five must remain the same until the end of August.


Those five are people you see ‘intimately’, which you can kiss hello. At least according to Jan Jambon, Minister-President of Flanders. Social distancing must not be observed in the bubble, confirmed Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR).

Outside excursion which the NSC called ‘unaccompanied events’ such as family outings or daytrips with friends are limited to ten people, not counting childeren under 12.

The free NMBS / SNCB Railpass has been postponed until September.

Shopping and work on your own

You must again shop on your own. Exceptions for accompanying minors or (disabled) people who need some extra help, said Public Health Minister Maggie De Block (Open Vld).

Store time is being limited to 30 minutes per shop unless you have made an appointment. The sales will go ahead and will start in August.

People are urged to work from home.

Sport and wellness

People participating in sports classes and attending wellness centres will have to be registered.

The Province of Antwerp is expected to take even more strict coronavirus countermeasures.


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