MSK Gent – Museum of Fine Arts Ghent introduces LGBTQ+ tour 

MSK Ghent. Photo by Thanh.

MSK Gent, the Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent introduces LGBTQ+ tours of its collections. For now, there are two open dates for individuals wanting to do this queer tour. You can also organise a group and book a guide. 

MSK Ghent. Photo by Thanh.

The MSK is the first in Belgium to launch an LGBTQ+ tour through the permanent collection presentation. “Through 12 works of art we reflect on queer stories that literally hang on the MSK walls but have never been told. We see how different gender and orientation were experienced in the past, and that makes us think about how we view this today”, the website says. 

Scenes of the goddess Artemis and her female companions, the transformation of Hermaphroditus, or the oldest MSK portrait of a ‘man who had a relationship with a man’: these are some of the stops in the brand new tour. 

Safe space

The tour is curated and led by members of the LGBTQ+ community, but everyone is welcome to discover these hidden stories. We see the tour as a ‘safe space‘ with respect for each other’s experience and space to share visions.

Booking a tour

The first introduction tours, on 12 February and 5 March, are in Dutch. You can book your spot on this tour. Hopefully more dates will be added, because just two ‘token’ dates is not enough.

You can also organise a group visit and book a guided tour. Groups are up to twenty people. 

MSK Ghent. Photo by Thanh.

Queerness and art

All photos by Thanh.

MSK Ghent. Photo by Thanh.

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