Bums out in Saint Petersburg

During my two days in the historic and cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg, I couldn’t not notice the many bare bums in sculptures. Russians have a reputation to be harsh and could, but they must have hot behinds. Because they are not afraid to show some skin.

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to feel real Russian skin. I do follow some Russian guys on Instagram and what I notice is they are not prude. Why should they? There’s nothing wrong with wearing speedos and briefs.


But the well shaped marble and gilded males made up for the lack of luscious adventure. Here’s an anthology of Russian bums and other male nudity. Sorry not sorry.


I’m not sure who’s who. The photo in the header are Amor and Pysche. I had to choose a suitable for work – and for Facebook! – photo for the header. The painting is of Saint Sebastian and I expect you to recognize the Trojan priest Laocoön and his sons.


Most photos were taken in the Hermitage, the ones outside at Peterhof.


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