Discovering Belgium and the Netherlands in COVID times

March 2020. The world learns the words coronavirus and COVID-19. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, restrictions of other kinds, social distancing and other new dynamics which have become more or less natural since. No foreign travel meant staying in Belgium. So in 2020 and 2021 we did quite a few domestic excursions to still our hunger for travel and adventure.

Coronavirus countermeasures changed a lot these past 22 or so months. Countries had different policies regarding foreign travel, but the Netherlands have been fairly accessible. So we’re including Dutch excursions in this overview as well. 

COVID restrictions did push us to be creative. We discovered or rediscovered nice spots to explore or to learn about. 

So, for Christmas, we are offering an overview of what we did in the vicinity. Maybe it inspires you. 

Villa Empain.


Walks, hikes and daytrips

Oudenaarde City Hall.

Stays and gastronomy

Chateau St. Gerlach.

These, by the way, are not all of them. I didn’t include posts about exhibitions. And some stories aren’t published yet.

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