CORONAVIRUS | Five open air areas for a walk in Antwerp to fight boredom during the COVID-19 lockdown

Stay home during the coronavirus COVID-19 (not to be called like that) lockdown in Belgium. This means gyms are closed. But outdoors sports are okay individually. But if you don’t like to run or jog, why don’t you go for a walk?

Surely, you can’t go inside museums, bars and restaurants, but you can walk. Here are some areas in Antwerp you could explore.


The Middelheimmuseum is an open sculpture garden or park and remains open. Inside locations such as the cafeteria and library are closed. 

Photos by Thanh. Practical information.

Antwerp Pride route

The Antwerp Pride 2019 route will take you from Sint-Jansplein to the River Scheldt and to Het Zuid neighbourhood. You’ll get some fresh air.

Due South

Go beyond the Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA) and go to the recently refurbished Scheldt quays. It’s up to date, it’s a fun activity.

You don’t know where it is? Look for Hof van Beroep (Court of Appeal) on your gps and walk to the riverside.


Due North

Beyond Waagnatie there’s a fairly new park, the Droogdokkenpark. Teens may know this location from the Flanders’ ‘Skam‘ installment ‘wtFOCK‘. Combine this with a walk to Park Spoor Noord via the photogenic Parkbrug.

You don’t know where it is? Look for Parkbrug and Droogdokkenpark on your gps.

Art Nouveau

Walk to and through the art nouveau street which is the Cogels-Osylei between Het Roze Huis (The Pink House) and Antwerp-Berchem railway station.

You don’t know where it is? Look for Cogels-Osylei on your gps.


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