ANTWERP | Red Star Line Museum of (e)migration

January 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic is still very present, as are coronavirus countermeasures. Museums are open though. So I found it appropriate to visit the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp. The subjects? The Red Star Line, migration and emigration, travel and hygiene and diseases. Topical, don’t you think? 

ANTWERP | Renovation of Scheldt Quays between Sint-Andries and ‘t Zuid 

As with the rest of the Antwerp Scheldt Quays, the area between Sint-Andries (St. Andrew) and ‘t Zuid (The South) is being renovated. hat is the area on the Scheldt between the part that has already been redeveloped and Sint-Michielstraat. These works will end in the spring of 2023, AG Vespa has announced.

ANTWERP | ‘Stories of refuge’ exhibition at Red Star Line Museum  

From 1 April, and no it’s not an April’s Fool joke, the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp hosts the ‘Stories of refuge‘ exhibition. Obviously, this exhibition was planned way before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Belarus and Chechnya. Nevertheless, the theme is very topical.