The world of travel and planning after coronavirus COVID-19

Let’s talk for a minute about the world after the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. I’ll leave expert insights on how the cruise sector, the aviation sector and other branches of tourism are bleeding hard and unstoppably… to the experts. I want to talk about us: users, customers.

We tend to plan ahead. Way ahead. Partly because Danny and I work at the Belgian railway operator and planning ahead is the way to be ‘sure’ to have time off to travel where we want to go. But also because ‘the system’ pushes to plan and book a long time in advance.

This Contemporary World We Live In is very much planned. We booked our Princess cruise in Oceania a whopping eighteen (18!) months before sailing. We booked our flights some ten (10!) months in advance. Because we knéw the flight would fly and we knéw the ship would sail.

Some more examples. We knów Tomorrowland takes place in July in Boom in Belgium. It is scheduled. We knów Antwerp Pride is scheduled for the second weekend of August. We knów the Eurovision Song Contest is in May. These events are scheduled and these schedules are well publicized in advance. Once ESC dates are know, there’s a run on hotels and transportation.

By the way, we now know the Song Contest is cancelled.

The same is true for concert and theatre tickets, for sporting events, for other traditions. Many of us take all this schedules in consideration to go to these events or to avoid them willingly.

The same is even true when organising a dinner party or board games night with some friends. We’ll take our calendars, start a Doodle to pick a date… in five weeks.

Or not

But that may change. The questions I have and to which I don’t have an answer to. Will we change this habits? Will we plan ahead less? Will we leave our travel plans to a moment closer to departure? Will we wait before buying these concert and ballet tickets? Because some disease can spoil plan cost money. COVID-19 shows us it can happen.

Some say the crisis will end in April, or May, or June, or June 2021. Can you – even literally – afford to plan ahead now?

Perhaps not.

And will that remain? Or will we return to pre-corona-habits in six or twelve months?

Only time will tell.

What do you think?

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  1. pedmar10 says:

    Ah well I am independant now before the crisis too so I plan last minute only had something book for mid May’20 will see. Stay safe we will have plenty of time afterward.

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    1. Timothy says:

      Yes, that’s an all different way to organise your life…

      Liked by 1 person

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