VIDEO | Walking the future Spoorpark between Zurenborg (Antwerp) and Borgerhout

Due to its location and intensions, the future Spoorpark (Rail Park) linking the Antwerp neighbourhood of Zurenborg with the District of Borgerhout reminds remotely of The High Line in New York City and the original La Promenade Plantée in Paris

The Spoorpark is to become a green neighbourhood park and a safe pedestrian route between Draakplaats (Dragon Square) in Zurenborg and the Luitenant Naeyaertplein (Lieutenant Naeyaert Square) in Borgerhout

The initial design for Spoorwerk dates from 2009 and is being updated. City of Antwerp‘s real estate agency AG VESPA is calling for citizen’s input in the matter. You have time until 1 February 2021. 

A new design should be presented this spring. So one can question if the public’s input isn’t just something for show. To be a fair, a first round of input was organised in 2020. 362 filled in a questionnaire completely, 503 partially. 

A large part of the future Spoorpark terrain is still used by rail infrastructure manager Infrabel and thus inaccessible. But AG VESPA made an urbex vibe video.

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