VIDEO | Quick excursion to Lier


After a (mostly, kinda) nature hike with Thanh around the River Scheldt, Oriol and I took a train to Lier.

Lier is a medieval town with a rich history. It housed the wedding of Philip The Handsome, Duke of Burgundy with Joanna The Mad in 1496. It received the exiled King Christian II of Denmark. But we just had a quick tour of the city centre. We’ll go back for a more thorough visit.


Main purpose of the outing was the walk back to Antwerp. Walking, hiking is permitted while gyms are closed (damn you corona). So we walked the some 17 km back to Antwerp following the Antwerpsesteenweg, the railroad, the Antwerpsesteenweg again in Boechout and Mortsel and then the Grote Steenweg in Berchem and the Mechelsesteenweg in Antwerp.

Here are the videos.

Map by Strava.

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