Walking on a frozen lake at Valbella and Lenzerheide (Lai) in Grisons, Switzerland


My sister and my brother in law are champions at finding interesting excursions in Switzerland. In February, they took me to Valbella and Lenzerheide or Lai in the canton of Grisons (Graubünden).

2020 and global warming meant winter was exceptionally mild in Switzerland. We had to look for snow. We found it in Valbella. Valbella is together with Lenzerheide part of the Vaz/Obervaz municipality.

We walked from Valbella to Lenzerheide on one of the many Winterwanderwege in the confederation. A Winterwanderweg or Winter walking trail is always marked with pink sticks. It separates hikers and wanderers from langlaufers and other skiers.


This one involved walking on a frozen lake, Lake Lenzerheide, which is pretty special.

Obviously there also many terraces, hotels and kiosks where you can drink and eat. Have you tried Älplermagronen? These Alpine macaroni, involve macaroni, melted cheese, potatoes, fried onions and… and… apple sauce! Yes, apple sauce. I usually keep that as dessert but you are expected to mix it with the pasta.


It is de-li-cious!

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