Scheldt River cruise to Hemiksem and hike back


De Waterbus (The Water Bus) is a ferry service on the River Scheldt linking Lillo, Kallo, Zwijndrecht, Sint-Anna (Saint Anne’s), Antwerp, Kruibeke and Hemiksem. Thanh and I took the Waterbus to Hemiksem and a ferry to Bazel to do a hike back to Antwerp.

It is Corona World nowadays so we find our leisure nearby. I have done many walks and hikes on my own, with Oriol and with Thanh in Antwerp and its vicinity. I could do some posts on these walks in the future.


On the last day of May we went to Hemiksem, Bazel and back. You’ll find practical information on the Waterbus here.

Except for one part having to walk on a secondary motorway, it was a nice walk along the bay mud (slikke) and salt mud (schorre) on the Scheldt’s Left Bank.

We filmed most of our little hike.


Map and route: Strava

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