Why we keep posting during the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus COVID-19 is omnipresent. In the news, in conversations and in our minds. We don’t know when the crisis will relent but we’re still here.

There’s a before corona and there’s an after. There’s a during. The reviews and stories we post are from travels before quarantine or confinement. We have source material for many, many travel related posts.

We’ll keep posting them. The thought of it being inappropriate did cross our minds. But in times where the news is obviously dominated by corona, it’s not inappropriate to tell another story. To think of something else. To look back and to look forward.

The World might be different soon(-ish). We don’t know. But there’s a before, an after and a during.

We’ll be posting less frequently reviews and travel stories, because we don’t know when we’ll be able to pick up our travel habits.

In the meantime: keep safe and follow health and hygiene instructions so together we can end this pandemic sooner rather than later.


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