Tri-Country Point Vaalserberg, where the Netherlands meet Belgium and Germany

After Baarle-Hertog / Baarle-Nassau, Oriol and I drove to the Vaalserberg in Limburg, where Kingdom of the Netherlands meet the Kingdom of Belgium and the Federal Republic of Germany. It’s commonly known as Drielandenpunt, Point Trifrontières or Point des Trois Frontières and Dreiländereck. It used to be a quadripoint with Neutral Moresnet.

VIDEO | Trams in Antwerp in 1993

1993 was a big year for Antwerp. It was Cultural Capital of Europe and it gave the city many cultural events and a sense of pride. For Antwerpians over a certain age, it’s memorable.

VIDEO | Antwerp in 1910-1920, 1933 and 1953

Perry Dolmans of Geschiedenis in kleur (History in colour) has colorized old footage of Antwerp, dating from 1910 to 1920. He also edited images of 1933 and 1953 amongst others.