REVIEW | Brussels Planetarium

I got myself a museumPASSmusées in January. After Coudenberg in Brussels, the Comics Art Museum also in Brussels and the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, I visited the Brussels Planetarium, with Thanh.  

The museumPASSmusées is your key to +180 Belgian museums. The pass (59€) grants free admission to all participating museums during an entire year. Most of the time, temporary exhibitions are free too, and when they aren’t, you get a substantial discount. The list of participating museums keeps growing. 

The Planetarium isn’t a museum. Yes, there’s an exhibition, but it’s mainly a cinema showing short productions on space, the stars and the planets. 

The website with the schedule is in French and Dutch, but the films have also an English option.

Thanh and I saw ‘Earth, Moon & Sun‘, which turned out to be aimed at kids over 6 years old. So okay, the presentation was well, childish, but the film was still informative. 

It was a nice and short outing. To be combined with something else. 

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