‘LGBTQIA+ BXL, Collecting Memories’ Exhibition in Brussels City Museum 

The Brussels City Museum on the Grand-Place is hosting the ‘LGBTQIA+ BXL, Collecting Memories‘ exhibition until 14 June 2022. 

In October 2021, the Museums and Archives of the City of Brussels organized a collection of archives belonging to LGBTQIA+ communities. The aim was to expand and complete the collections in order to preserve the collective memory of these communities. A first result can be seen at the ‘Bracketed Space‘ (‘Tussen Haakjes) of the City Museum.

Rainbow flag

Among the donated items was a small rhinestone painting depicting the rainbow flag. This work was made by Gilbert Baker (1951 – 2017) the designer of the flag. 

In 2008, he offered 30 copies to various Gay Pride events, including that of Brussels. The piece puts the creation of the flag, the history of the Gay Pride and the various struggles of the LGBTQIA+ communities into context.

Donation from Maman

A few months ago, Maman, the famous drag queen of the Brussels nightlife, announced her retirement. The Museum asked her to dig into her archives. In addition to the cabaret promotional items, she also offered one of the highlights of her wardrobe: a black stage dress made of pleated synthetic mesh and mechanically crafted lace, combined with matching shoes and a brooch.

Collection of LGBTQIA+ archives

In addition to these objects, about 30 donated pieces are on display. In the meantime, the collection continues. The teams continue to collect posters, photos, clothing, badges, plates,…:

Practical information

Queer Belgium

Exploring Brussels

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