Flemish LGBTQI+ press support rainbow community in Ukraine 

The rainbow press in Flanders have voiced their support for LGBTQI+ people and organisations in Ukraine, amidst the ongoing war involving Russia, Chechnya, Belarus and Ukraine. 

The Flemish queer press – GayLive.be, Touristico Gay, Pink In Our Lives, brand ambassador Jens Geerts (she/her), Gaybars.eu and ourselves – call on their readers and visitors to support the fundraising by the charity Forbidden Colours as much as possible and to respond to the call made last Monday by State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Sammy Mahdi (CD&V) to host Ukrainian refugees if possible. 

Many (LGBTQI+) civilians are in serious danger from Russia’s aggression.

Yellow and blue, Ukraine’s colours. Photo by Thanh.

Forbidden Colours

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has shocked the whole world. It is estimated that some 1.4 million refugees will cross the Ukrainian border in the coming months. Many of them will belong to the LGBTQI+ community. In the past, refugee camps have proven not to be safe places for LGBTQI+ people.

That is why the Brussels non-profit organisation Forbidden Colours  has started a fundraiser to support partner organisations in Poland, Hungary and Romania that will be hosting LGBTQI+ refugees in the coming weeks. 

They will provide primary care, such as housing. 

In the meantime, Forbidden Colors pleads with senior government officials for a more sustainable solution within the European Union for these LGBTQI+ refugees. In the past, it often turned out that refugee camps are not a safe place for LGBTQI+ people. 

The director of Forbidden Colours, Rémy Bonny (he/him), will coordinate the actions from Poland: “This is all hands on deck for peace, human rights and democracy in Europe. When we the intelligence services were contacted two weeks ago about a list to liquidate LGBTQI+ activists in Ukraine after the invasion, we immediately contacted our partners. We must support our Ukrainian friends in their fight for freedom and dare to roll up our sleeves ourselves.”

With a donation, everyone helps an LGBTQI+ person to survive Vladimir Putin‘s cruelty. Intelligence obtained from The Washington Post has proven that Russia has a list of Ukrainians “to be killed or sent to camps” after the invasion. 

The list also includes LGBTIQI+ activists. 

Donations can be made at https://tiltify.com/@remybonny/support-ukrainian-lgbtiq-refugees

Asylum for refugees in Belgium

On Monday, State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Sammy Mahdi pleaded that Belgians who want to host Ukrainian refugees register with their municipality. 

Together with the National Crisis Center, the municipalities are responsible for coordinating housing on the site. The rainbow press also support this call. 

Yellow and blue, Ukraine’s colours.

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