A passengers train from Antwerp in Belgium to Shanghai in China?


After the successful launch of a freight train link between Shanghai in China and Antwerp in Belgium, there’s now a will to start a passengers rail link between the two harbour cities, Belgian media report

On Thursday the 27th of September an artwork by Chinese artist Shufen Yan was inaugurated at Antwerp-Central station.

According to diamond industry promotors Rose d’Anvers the journey on the so-called Diamond Silk Road would take 28 days. Countries on The Diamond Silk Route would promote their touristic assets.

The route starts in Belgium, passes Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazachstan and ends in China.

The World Free & Special Economic Zones Federation (Femoza), Diplomatic World and the European Federation of Traditional Chinese Culture (EFTCC) have been working on the project for three years. They hope to launch the service next year

In Flanders we say “first see, then believe”. So let’s see before we believe.


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  1. Ooo. Sounds like a good rail trip if it materialises.

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    1. Timothy says:

      We are sceptical, to be honest. But yes, what an adventure this would be…

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  2. Tim says:

    Such a fun idea in theory. I’ve never traveled that long before and I’m fearful I’d go mad a week into the trip. Would love to read a detailed trip report on this though!


    1. Timothy says:

      If it comes to fruition, we’ll probably try it…

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