Train World exhibition ‘From Peking to Hankow: a Belgian adventure in China’ from 7 May to 10 October 2021

The Train World railway museum in Schaerbeek / Schaarbeek in Brussels presents the ‘From Peking to Hankow: a Belgian adventure in China‘ exhibition. It runs from 7 May to 10 October 2021. 

“From 7 May to 10 October 2021, travel from Train World to Beijing and discover a fabulous Belgian adventure in China. During your visit, you will experience the little-known yet amazing story of the construction of China’s longest railway line, from Peking (Beijing) to Hankow (today Wuhan), connecting the North to the South, by Belgians in the early 20th century.

For seven years, several thousands of people laboured on this huge undertaking. This exploit was achieved by engineers, technicians and workmen, and also Western and Chinese diplomats and financiers. A young Belgian engineer, Jean Jadot, then aged only 37, coordinated and implemented this massive project.


The exhibition will also showcase the development of China’s present-day high-speed railways.

Original works relating to the construction of the Peking-Hankow line and created by artists Li Kunwu from China and François Schuiten from Belgium add a contemporary artistic touch to the exhibition. Other works by Li Kunwu that draw inspiration from the Chinese railways will also be on display.

“During your visit, the main players in the saga, embodied by talking figures, will tell you some fascinating tales. Their stories will take you back in time so that you can relive this epic moment.”


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