The return of a Brussels – Luxembourg – Strasbourg – Basel train? 

Brussels to Basel.

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, some dream of a renewed direct train connection to Switzerland. Basel SBB Railway Station isn’t that far away from Luxembourg. It could be a night train or a day train, both originating in Brussels.

In France, Minister for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari (LREM) recently announced interest in night trains linking European capitals to France. One of those night trains could be LuxembourgMetzNancy StrasbourgMontpellierPerpignanBarcelona

Following some parliamentary questions, Luxembourgish Minister for Defense, Mobility and Public Works François Bausch (Déi Gréng) tempered enthusiasm: there are no firm plans. 

Brussels – Luxembourg – Switzerland – Italy

Another connection mooted is a night train from Brussels to Luxembourg, Basel in Switzerland and then somewhere in Italy. Turin or Milan perhaps. There again, Bausch tempers enthusiasm.

That night train could be a day train. “A quick daytime connection to Switzerland would be interesting. However, there are currently no concrete projects at the level of European railway undertakings”, Bausch is quoted by Luxembourgish newspaper Wort.  

Vauban and Iris

Now, this takes us back to 2016 and earlier. In December 2016 a TGV connection between Brussels- South (Midi) and Strasbourg was launched, ending the long careers of EC Vauban and EC Iris. Those were classic ‘low speed’ intercity trains connecting Belgium to the Helvetic Confederation

Danny travelled on the Vauban in 2013 and documented the journey. I also travelled on the Vauban that year. It was fun and romantic, but also long, slow and without catering. It used, then not renovated NMBS / SNCB I6 and I10 coaches. 

Brussels to Luxembourg

Currently, the trip from Brussels to Luxembourg takes 3 hours and 17 minutes. There are many stops and the maximum speed on lines 161 and 161 are not so high. Geography stands in the way. 

So if one wants a quicker service to or from Luxembourg, a train with less stops would be interesting. And an investment in rolling stock capable of higher speeds, such as Pendolino EMU’s. 

So for now a renewed Belgium to Switzerland connection is far off. 



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