Brussels – London with Eurostar in Standard Premier


Recently I travelled from Brussels-Midi in Belgium to London St. Pancras in the United Kingdom with Eurostar. The EMU was the new Eurostar e320. I travelled in Standard Premier.

The Eurostar e320 is also known as the British Rail Class 374 or the Siemens Velaro.


It looks nice. The interior colour scheme contains shades of grey and it all looks very ‘business’, very professional. The seats are firm but not uncomfortable. They’re spacious. There are continental en British power outlets and USB-ports.

The headrest is fixed though and not pleasant. You are expected to work it seems, not to nap. The toilet is very Siemens Desiro-like, which is not a surprise.

The ride was also a bit bumpy, like turbulence on an airplane. The breakfast was not very elaborate. It’s a trend, sadly.


But still, the journey from the Continent to Albion is convenient and comfortable.

And here are what you are waiting for: photos!

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