POLAND | 3 hotspots of gastronomy in Kraków

Krakow02In November 2017 I attended the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference in Warsaw. I was taken under the wings of çavaria. Obviously I had to seize that opportunity. I stayed a bit longer and took the PKP pendolino train to Kraków.

Finally I got to meet Michał, who’ve I’ve know for years online. I got to see Krakow for the first time since 1994. And I had amazing food.

To Belgian standards food is cheap in Poland so I indulged in some fine local dining. I was there two full days so I couldn’t resist having x-course dinners.


I don’t remember what I ate exactly but I remember having goose at Marmolada (Grodzka 5) near the main square of Krakow. Old Krakow is small, so everything is near the main square.

Kogel Mogel (Sienna 12) is a even more typical Polish restaurant where dishes are served on a gastronomical level. It was even better. I had more goose. And cheesecake. Cheesecake in Poland is so delicious.

Pod Aniołami  (Grodzka 35) is in a cellar. I had a six course meal, a glas of wine and a bottle of water for 40 euros. I’m sure it involved goose again. I discovered goose in Poland.

Kraków is a perfect little getaway for a long weekend. Stat two days, three nights. Plenty to see, plenty to eat. And it’s cheap. 

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