ANTWERP | Renovation of Scheldt Quays between Sint-Andries and ‘t Zuid 

As with the rest of the Antwerp Scheldt Quays, the area between Sint-Andries (St. Andrew) and ‘t Zuid (The South) is being renovated. hat is the area on the Scheldt between the part that has already been redeveloped and Sint-Michielstraat. These works will end in the spring of 2023, AG Vespa has announced.

In order to create a whole with the already renovated part, the current dike path will be extended further. There will also be various seating areas, a playground, two sports fields and a skate zone behind the dike. 

Rendering of the area. Image by AG Vespa.

The southern flank of Sint-Michielsbastion (St. Michael’s Bastion) – the remains of which were mapped in 2010 – will be visibly integrated into the quay plain.

There will also be extra greenery along the side of the road and along the Scheldt, including birch, maple, black alder, tulip tree, poplar, oak, willow and elm. The road on Sint-Michielskaai will also be redeveloped with a wide footpath, a new cycle path and a parking strip. 

Furthermore, the block lime trees along the facades are replaced by field maples, the roots of which are given more room to grow. The lime trees along the harbor fence will be preserved. 

The flood defense wall will also be replaced, which works will take place from April to October 2022. 

On the look of Antwerp

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