De Carrousel: new and temporary open-air covid secure theatre at the Scheldt in Antwerp

De Carrousel will host its first performance on 8 May. De Carrousel is a mobile open-air amphitheatre with a revolving stage, which will be located at three unique locations in and around Antwerp from until 26 December 26 2021.

Its first location is the Southern Scheldt Quays, just beyond the current end of the promenade. The first performance will be the genderbending one-person-show ‘De  Meisje‘ by and with Jaouad Alloul

The Carroussel 

The Carrousel or Carousel (One R or two? One S or two?) was designed and built with the prevention measures around COVID-19 in mind. The audience can sit alone or in bubbles of two in a box. 

The idea for De Carrousel arose in the fall of 2020 from the need to offer artists a stage in corona-proof conditions. The corona pandemic created a great need for suitable playgrounds. 

At the moment all stages are still closed. And when the halls open again, the shortage of play areas will be immense. 

“Based on the fact that there is a shortage of representation and offer for young people in the city, we try to reserve De Carrousel on a regular basis for young makers, artists and initiatives”, the people behind the initiative say.

Those people are Heleen Soontjens, Domien De Roover, Manu Siebens, Tim Clement, Joris Janssens, Inge Embrechts, Inès Maes, Jonathan Lemineur, Ina Peeters, Joris Festjens.

De Carrousel is an initiative of MartHatentatief and is inspired by ‘Peepshow Palace‘ by the Dutch company De Warme Winkel. The Carrousel is being realized with the support of the City of Antwerp, the Government of Flanders, the District of Deurne and the District of Antwerp.

Three locations

De Carrousel has three locations planned. Until 28 July its location is Kaaien (Zuid), Ledeganckkaai 8, 2000 Antwerpen. Then it will move to Antwerp North at Lange Lobroekstraat 77, 2060 Antwerpen. And finally it will be housed in Deurne at the Arenaplein

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