ANTWERP | City forest, orchard and pond for Nieuw Zuid Scheldt Quays by 2024

The City of Antwerp is planning to install a ‘city forest’, an orchard, a pond, a dog run zone and gazebos on the Scheldt Quays at Nieuw Zuid or New South. It’s the area beyond the recently rethought Zuid (South) area. The project should be completed by 2024.

“The south of the Scheldt Quays will become a park with a forest-like character’n alderwoman for City Development Annick De Ridder (N-VA) in the Gazet van Antwerpen newspaper. 

Other features include three gazebos or kiosks, a raised look-out on the Scheldt river and a water bassin or pond. There will be an area for sitting and an area for children to play.

Desert at the Scheldt. Photo: Oriol.


This green zone will be mixed: open areas, areas with trees. The footpath which already exists at ‘Old’ South will be prolonged. That path will go sometimes between trees, sometimes on the edge of the embankment. Flood defense remains important. 

The park would be five hectares or 50,000 m2. A first design should be made public this summer. 

Works should then start in 2022, to be completed in 2024. Just in time for the next municipal elections.

The other side.

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Thanks to Oriol and Thanh for the photos.
Source: Gazet van Antwerpen.

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