VIDEO | Antwerp’s Spoorpark design presented

City of Antwerp‘s real estate agency AG Vespa has presented a first design for the future Spoorpark (Rail Park) linking the Zurenborg neighbourhood to Borgerhout. The public gets a new opportunity for input.

The Spoorpark is to become a green neighbourhood park and a safe pedestrian route between Draakplaats (Dragon Square) in Zurenborg and the Luitenant Naeyaertplein (Lieutenant Naeyaert Square) in Borgerhout. 

AG Vespa, Stramien, Zus, Rest and ARA have worked on a first firm design, presented in this video. 

Now the public has time until 22 April to give input via this website. The design team will then – more or less – incorporate the results of this input. The city government wants to approve a final design by the summer of this year.  

The engineering works to actually install the park, should start next year and be finished by 2024. 


The widest part of the park is located from the water towers until the bridge over the Plantin en Moretuslei (Plantin and Moretus Avenue). 

That bridge will be an eye catcher. It’s in the site of Antwerp-East Railway Station. Tracks 1 and 2 are now in disuse. Actually the whole station is closed, but the railway tracks are still used as it links Antwerp-Central and Antwerp-Berchem with Schijnpoort rail yard. 

The disaffected platform will be integrated in the park. A woorden trail will be installed. Experts will also research of the platform awning, the open roof, kan be kept. 

Five zones

The park will have five zones.

The cobbled road leading upwards, with the beautiful name Omheining Statie van Borgerhout (Enclosure of Borgerhout Station), remains because of its historic value. It will get a 3.5 metre ‘comfort strip’ for cyclists and prams.

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Sources: AG Vespa, Gazet van Antwerpen 

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