ANTWERP | 2023-2024 Park Gedempte Zuiderdokken to have grass and water 

Recently the preparatory works for the second part of the park on the Gedempte Zuiderdokken started. That is the construction of the central part above the former Schippersdok. The works will end in the spring of 2023. AG Vespa posted an update.

The Gedempte Zuiderdokken are the area between Vlaamsekaai and Waalsekaai in the Zuid or South neighbourhood of Antwerp

The entire park will be constructed on top of the three former docks: Steendok, Kooldok and Schippersdok. The works above the former Steendok are in full swing.

Grass and basins

In addition to a large grassy meadow in the middle, two water basins and spacious circular benches, this zone also provides a pedestrian promenade between two rows of trees: the existing plane trees supplemented with four native species: linden, elm, pedunculate oak and alder, and lots of greenery. 

The large, open area with grass provides breathing space. On the side of the Waalsekaai, a water basin will be built on the edge, which will not only function as a place to relax, but also as a buffer and infiltration basin for rainwater. 

On the one hand, the basin is bordered by a wide staircase that makes the historic quay wall of the Schippersdok visible again. On the other side comes bank planting. During this phase, the Vlaamse and Waalsekaai will also be redeveloped in this section.

Work in two phases

Phase 1: 10 January 2021 until summer 2022

  • Construction of the sewerage system and reconstruction of the Waalsekaai between Lakenstraat and Wapenstraat and in the park.
  • From 31/01: construction of the sewage system and reconstruction of the Vlaamsekaai between Gillisplaats and Museumstraat.

The two sports fields, the playground and the dog walking zone along the Vlaamsekaai will disappear during this phase of the works. 

In the spring of 2022, the first part of the park will open near Steendok with a new sports field and playground. In the final phase of the redevelopment of the park, a new dog walking zone will also be provided.

Phase 2: September 2022 to spring 2023

  • Construction of a park with two water basins, a large lawn, large benches, trees, shrubs and flowers.


The works for the construction of the first phase of the park, Steendok, are progressing according to plan and will be completed by spring 2022. The central part, Schippersdok, will be ready by spring 2023. The entire park will be ready by summer of 2024.

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