Antwerp designs future of Scheldt Left Bank riverside

Commissioned by the City of Antwerp, the design team Bureau Bas Smets completed the master plan for the Scheldt banks on the Left Bank or Linkeroever and translated it into a first sketch design for the entire area. 

A final design for the construction of the public space has already been drawn up for ‘Scheldeboorden-Noord‘, the surroundings of the Esmoreitpark, St. Anne’s Beach or Sint-Anneke Plage and the marina. In the coming summer months there will be an information exhibition in the project area to inform interested parties. If everything goes smoothly, the first works will start in the summer of 2024.

Within the Sigma Plan, the Flemish Waterway plans to raise the dikes on Antwerp’s Left Bank to protect the interior in the event of flooding. These works represent an opportunity for a redesign of public space. 

The City of Antwerp wants to create a green pedestrian promenade here, a place for recreation and fun in a natural environment. Hikers will be able to enjoy the unique landscape and the beautiful views that characterize Linkeroever. Bureau Bas Smets further elaborated the preliminary draft master plan and preliminary draft public space Scheldeboorden-Noord of November 2022 into two final designs: a master plan for the entire area and a draft public space for the sub-area Scheldeboorden-Noord. ​

Master plan

The master plan is based on the ambitions from the preliminary design and takes into account the results of, among other things, the workshops. The aim is to create a varied landscape, to create a continuous, accessible bank and to develop a lively park.

Annick De Ridder (N-VA), Alderman for Urban Development and Spatial Planning: “Our beloved ‘Sint-Anneke’ will regain the grandeur of yesteryear. The final design of the Scheldt banks master plan shows how we are also bringing the Scheldt closer to the people of Antwerp on the Left Bank, and ensure even more accessible and higher-quality greenery. With a 6 kilometer long green pedestrian promenade next to the Scheldt, an open landscape in the Scheldt bend that connects the marina, the Robinson playground and St. Anne’s Beach, this is a wonderful example of the greening and blueing that we are aiming for with every urban development project this legislature.”

The master plan was given concrete form in a landscape design (concept design) for the public space. The research by design for the surroundings of the Beatrijslaan focuses on alternative design options for the avenue. Softening, greening and preserving existing traffic flows are central to this.

Together with De Vlaamse Waterweg, further research will be carried out into how the Scheldt walk can also continue on the narrowest part, in order to realize a 6-kilometre walk from St. Anne’s Woods to the border with Burcht.

The Frederik Van Eedenplein will become a fully-fledged gateway to Linkeroever. The various modes of transport are cleverly connected here. Among other things, returning the ferry to its old location is being investigated for this. The Gloriantlaan will be strengthened as a central axis along the existing functions, with the necessary parking facilities. Frederik Van Eedenplein offers space for sports and games, communal gardens and events.


The realization of the public domain Scheldeboorden-noord is the first on the schedule. That is why the design team drew up a design for the construction of the public domain Scheldt Riverbanks-North at the same time as the master plan was drawn up.

Erica Caluwaerts (Open Vld), alderman for Public Domain: “The avenues will be paved and the relationship with the park environment will become stronger. The current traffic flows will remain possible. Various cross connections strengthen the relationship with the Scheldt. At the end of the Gloriantlaan, a square with an amphitheater leads you to a viewpoint. The landscape in the Scheldt bend opens. It will be an important reception area for Waterbus passengers and a switching point between the marina, the catering industry, the Scheldt and the Robinson playground. The mill will be located along the dike and will thus play a starring role in the Scheldt bend.”

A series of meandering paths create cooling walks alongside the recreation. For example, the current sports infrastructure will be given a new place to the west of the playground in the Robinson garden. The Charles de Costerlaan will have a direct connection from the avenue to the river. The basketball court shifts to the south and is incorporated into the park. The park strip to the west of the marina provides continuity from north to south, with green steps opening up the view to the marina.

The city wants to start the works in the summer of 2024. They will be carried out in phases to keep the homes and other functions as accessible as possible.

On the look of Antwerp

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