ANTWERP | Construction of Park Groot Schijn enters final phase

The City of Antwerp gave the go-ahead today for the next and final phase in the construction of Park Groot Schijn. In this phase, the construction of the last trails and surrounding nature is planned in the northern part of the park. 

Thanks to a constructive collaboration between the city, district, associations and users, the area, which was previously divided into various sports and recreational areas, has been transformed into one large green park of 83 hectares. “City and nature come together here”, the press release says.

Summer of 2023

After the redevelopment of the southern and central part of Park Groot Schijn, with the various sports facilities and the pedestrian bridge, it is time for the northern part. At the end of this phase, all paths and surrounding nature will have been constructed. 

The city wants to extend the green image of the park completely with extra plantings of hedge plants and trees. If everything goes smoothly, the works will be completed by the summer of 2023.

Three-part approach

This phase proceeds in three different parts. Contractor Hens nv will first tackle the park lane between the Ruggeveldlaan in Deurne and the cemetery. Then it is the turn of the August van de Wielelei towards the cemetery. Finally, they complete the paths to the youth room and dog school.

Nuisance remains limited

During the works, the accessibility of the various rooms and facilities in Park Groot Schijn will be largely guaranteed via the other paths. Parking will no longer be possible, except in the Sportoase car park. Loading and unloading is still possible on request.

Attention to greenery and lighting

The plantings for new, extra greenery are planned for the end of 2022. A total of 13,610 hedge plants and 867 trees will be added. As in the other parts of the park, the city chose a mix of willows and alders, ornamental trees such as cherry trees and vigorous native species such as pedunculate oaks and ash. In addition, the lighting will be renewed as in the rest of the park.

Alderman for Greenery Els Van Doesburg (N-VA): “Antwerp residents can be genuinely proud of this beautiful project. Step by step we succeed in turning a patchwork quilt, with a maze of clubs and grounds, into one beautiful green park. A place for every Antwerp resident , young and old. With the start of this third phase, the northern part of the park will now also receive a green makeover. With a mix of extra trees and plants, we will continue the green image completely. With the new Park Groot Schijn we are creating a green lung in the city of no less than 83 hectares.”

Further on the calendar

In the meantime, the construction of a school in the Scholenkamer is also continuing, as are the works on the youth rooms and the Scinthoeve. In the future, the city will tackle the caravan site at the Makro and sports room two and there will be another sports hall in the school room.

On the look of Antwerp

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