PHOTOS | Antwerp Pride 2023 from Wednesday 9 to Sunday 13 August

Antwerp Pride vzw, the organising committee behind Antwerp Pride, is obviously very happy with how Antwerp Pride 2022 proceeded. Would you have expected anything else?

This year’s theme, Queertopia‘, invited us to look fifteen years into the future. But before contemplating 2037, there is 2023.

“After a short rest period, the organization will start the sixteenth edition of Antwerp Pride, which will take place again during the second week of August 2023”, a press release says. Duly noted. 

So mark Wednesday 9 to Sunday 13 August into your – digital – calendars. 

Photo album

I wasn’t able to attend the pride parade myself, but Dennis did. He made photos at the purposely quiet Pride in Town and at the parade.

Since a few years, the organising committee of Antwerp Pride got the question if a more quiet spot can be arranged. Because, let’s face it, the parade and the Love United Festival are very crowded and very loud and they can be too much to handle. 

So Antwerp Pride started Pride In Town, with ‘low key’ and ‘intimate’ performances.

The parade

The pride parade is the plat de résistance for any major pride. Antwerp Pride opts for the classic combination of floats and delegations on foot. 

NGOs and charities such as Sensoa and Wel Jong; sports groups such as Active Compay; interest groups such as BSneax, bears, Polyamory Belgium; gay bars, clubs and bath houses such as Darklands, Club Random and Het Herenhuis; smaller businesses such as Flor Artes; bigger corporations such as Hays, political parties, a mutuality, culture organisations such as Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; and the University of Antwerp.

The major mainstream media outlets had a communal float as well.

Thank you Dennis for the photos!

Antwerp Pride 2022 & Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2022

Queer Antwerp

Darklands 2022-2023

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