Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2022 from 5 to 28 August

Antwerp Queer Arts Festival (AQAF) has discretely announced its dates: from Friday 5 August to Sunday 28 August. Almost a complete month.

If there is a theme, then we can look at its slogan: ‘Our bodies are sites of limitless possibilities’. 

‘Our bodies are sites of limitless possibilities’.

Not much is communicated at this point. The banner on Facebook does mention some partners.

What is Antwerp Queer Arts Festival?

Antwerp Queer Arts Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival, questioning gender and sexual diversity. It combines art with activism and academia. “For the past eight years, we have programmed both local performers and international talent within a variety of art forms: music, literature, film, dance, theatre, exposition, performance… We work with open calls and have a particular interest for new queer talent.”

AQAF is more than an arts festival. Collaborating with academia and activists, we create a space and a platform for people to express themselves and to meet others. AQAF is a grassroots initiative. It relies on community support to create the spaces and representation that we need. Your ticket purchase or donations directly supports queer performers.

Antwerp Pride 2022 & Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2022

Queer Antwerp

Darklands 2022

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