Darklands 2022 programme, schedule, gym and concert – 4 to 9 May in Antwerp 

All partner hotels of Darklands are sold out. Most parties are as well. Antwerp‘s kink and fetish festival mostly geared towards gay men returns after two years of absence. 

In a sneak preview video, organizer Jeroen Van Lievenoogen shows how decors are ocean themed, with divers and sharks. He’s shown tasting food options. 


Darklands takes place at the Waagnatie event space, at the Scheldt. The Welcome Centre and City Bar move from the Falconplein to Waagnatie, as the city authorities couldn’t deliver permits in time. 

The Welcome Centre acts as the ‘reception’ of the festival. 


There’s too much to sum up here. During the day, the Day Festival is like a fair. Imagine a book fair or car show, but for kinks and fetishes. The vibe is relatively calm and it’s al very cheerful, non-judgmental. 

The parties at night are more hard core. More loud music, more crowds, more hormones and more sex.

The programme and schedule.


Darklands has teamed up with Sportclub Het Eiland for visitors to use. “A frequently asked question at Customer Service is where a good gym can be found. Darklands is proud to partner up with Local gym Het Eiland. It’s Antwerp’s biggest gym and located in between Darklands & The Boots. The crowd is relaxed, the management openminded (but make sure not to show off too much, leave that for Darklands)”, the website says.

From 10 to 25 euros. 


Beyond Classic‘ is the updated concept of the previous ‘Classic Meets Fetish‘. 

“The event has developed into an artistic experience that goes beyond classical music and fetish clothing. Professional, qualified and internationally distinguished musicians and performers take stage in fetish outfits. Classical music is mixed with contemporary performing arts taking you to places you’ve never been before”, the event is introduced.

“Baroque music is in many ways very distant from us, but in some ways also very close, downright inspiringly topical: on the opera stage we find a gender fluidity that one could hardly imagine more modern. Men sing women in dresses, women sing men in trousers, and the highest paid of all are castrated men who embody women and men, and gods at that.”

The opera stage of the baroque is full of heroes and heroines. 

“We planned to show this in a program about super heroes. But as a result of the CoVid pandemia we have to change plans. We will now dive into ‘Dangers and Pleasures of the Night’ – and there are a lot offered by Baroque music: from Antonio Vivaldi‘s concerto ‘La notte’ up to Orpheus’ search for his love in eternal darkness”

Fetish baroque brings emotional highlights of baroque opera back to life, starring male soprano Philipp Mathmann. But the show will also explore how a todays singer-songwriter uses period baroque intruments: Gregory Frateur from Dez Mona will sing some of his most impressing songs. And performance artist Evilyn Frantic from Finland will add her stunning body art on the borderline from pleasure to pain.

Darklands 2022

Antwerp Pride 2022 & Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2022

Queer Antwerp

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