Antwerp Pride Parade 2022 route & map

It’s that time of the year again: Antwerp Pride and Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. Pride focuses on the second weekend of August: from Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14. AQAF runs from 5 to 28 August. In 2022, Antwerp Pride turns 15 and looks 15 years into the future under the banner of ‘Queertopia‘. AQAF hasn’t communicated a specific theme.

After two years without a parade, Antwerp Pride is again having one. The parade route roughly follows the same itinerary as in 2019. The 2019 parcours was a break from previous years.

Up to 2018, the Antwerp Pride Parade started at Waalsekaai and Vlaamsekaai, passed the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp, to continue via Scheldestraat to the Scheldt Quays and the Steenplein and Het Steen

In 2019, Antwerp Pride introduced a warm-up party at Sint-Jansplein, in an attempt to show pride is for more than Antwerp‘s white populated historic centre. The parade started properly at Paardenmarkt, to go to Hessenhuis, Red & Blue, onto the Scheldt Quays and so to Gedempte Zuiderdokken


So that’s what is planned for 2022. 

“Just like two years ago – yes, it was that long – we ask all participants to come together at the Sint-Jansplein in Antwerp North“, the website says. 

From 12 PM noon we will release positive love vibes on the square.Then we march as a group to the Paardenmarkt where the trucks will be ready and the parade will be set up. The Parade starts at 2 PM and immediately dives into the Hessenbrug to wave to the Hessenhuis Café. A little further the parade turns left on Oude Leeuwenrui and Brouwersvliet in the direction of the river Scheldt. The route then goes along the river on the Van Meterenkaai and goes on to the site of the Love United Festival where the party can explode.”

A simple itinerary. Testing the route, I found it takes just under an hour at normal walking pace) and the length is some 4.3 km. 

Antwerp Pride 2022 parade route.

But I’m not sure the route is viable. After the Scheldestraat intersection, road works stand in the way. How can trucks drive there? And I don’t see the road works being finished by Saturday 13 August.

But let’s hope I’m wrong. 

UPDATE | Amended route

On 3 August, Antwerp Pride communicated an amended route for the parade. The parade will leave the Scheldt Quays at the St. Anne’s Pedestrian Tunnel at Sint-Jansvliet, to follow the Oever, the Kloosterstraat and the Riemstraat and the Scheldestraat back to the river.

Here is a map:

2022 Antwerp Pride Parade route.

Antwerp Pride 2022 & Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2022

Queer Antwerp

Darklands 2022-2023

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