REVIEW | Hôtel 1K Paris 

Paris! I haven’t been to the Ville Lumière since my January 2019 visit with Bert and Wim. Also, this March 2022 getaway in Paris marks the first overnight excursion with Thanh since our 2012 visit of the capital of France. Ten years ago! 

Façade of Hôtel 1K.

How to choose a hotel in a metropolis such as Paris? By browsing apps and websites such as Booking or Expedia. You look at price and comfort categories and you look at location. We settled for a DeLuxe two-persons room in Hôtel 1K Paris near Place de la République, on the edge of Le Marais neighbourhood. 


“If you’re looking for the trendy Marais district’s new place to be, head straight to 1K Paris. You will find yourself instantaneously living a Latin American adventure thanks to the decor and multitude of events hosted at this eclectic 4* boutique hotel of the Machefert Group. Straight away as you arrive at the outdoor terrace, you land in a tropical atmosphere buzzing with South American vibes, leading through to the subtle fusion cuisine of Inka Restaurant and several bars honouring creative Latin spirits, like La Mezcaleria Paris, the Embassy for Mezcal in Paris, and one of the top bars of the capital”, the boutique hotel presents itself

“The travel around the remote Andean Mountains continues with the 1K Paris’ bar honouring creative Latin spirits; Mezcaleria Paris has become a top-of-the-list bar, the Embassy for Mezcal in Paris.”

There is also the Inka restaurant. “First contemporary Peruvian restaurant, the Inka wants to provide a unique experience of Andean gastronomy, boasting subtle cuisine full to the brim with Peruvian flavours and a luxurious Nikkei flair in a setting inspired by the Inca culture. The Inka restaurant will send you sailing on a gastronomic adventure full of colours and sensations.”


The room

The – uhm – reception at the reception was warm and friendly. In the morning we dropped off our bags to spend a full day in the city. Past 5PM we checked in. 

A grey fake padded corridor lead to our room. The predominantly white room was large, certainly for Paris standards. 

It featured:

  • Two separate beds put together, but you can split them easily.
  • A coffee machine, without tea option.
  • A minibar.
  • A rocking chair.
  • No desk.
  • A large, conference room type television screen.
  • A colour light display.
  • Plenty of light.
  • A safe.
  • No usb outlets.
  • Few available power outlet, but one or two in the floor, oddly.

The bathroom

The bathroom was large. The toilet was separate from the bathroom. Which is as well, as there was no door to close the bathroom.

The bathroom featured:

  • A bath with shower possibility.
  • A separate shower. 
  • Two sinks
  • A few options to lay out your bathroom necessities.
  • Toiletries by Zennao.


Zennao turns out to be a toiletries brand for hotels. Oddly, and a bit tackily, the webshop url was displayed on the packaging. Hotel Megastore. Does not sound classy, now does it? Ah well. At least it gives us and you a behind the scenes sneak peek of running a hotel

The bed

The bed was comfortable. We slept well and long. Nothing more to say, I’m afraid.

Other facilities and breakfast

There is a pool, but only for a specific suite. So not for the mere mortals we are. There is also a spa, which I did not see. And there is a gym, which was by appointment only. As I didn’t bring a gym outfit, I didn’t work out.

There is obviously a breakfast option, but we did not. Paris hotels are not famous for good breakfast offerings. From afar, it looked standard. Instead, we had breakfast à la française in a bistro. 


1K is a decent hotel in Paris. We were not disappointed, but now awed. Middle of the road. 

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  1. elvira797mx says:

    Looks cozy! Thank’s for share, Timothy.
    Have a great day!

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    1. Timothy says:

      It was cosy indeed. Have a great day, Elvira.


      1. elvira797mx says:

        Great! Thank you, Timothy.
        Wonderful day as well.

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