5 + 2 hotspots for delicious chocolate in Antwerp

Who doesn’t like chocolate? And who are we kidding? Chocolate might be a cliché association with Belgium, but the cliché is also true. We have quality chocolate. Here are some chocolate addresses to remember when you are in Antwerp.

1: The Chocolate Line

The Chocolate Line by Dominique Persoone is located in the Royal Palace on the Meir, Meir 50. The Meir is the main high street of Antwerp. Say hello to Napoleon Bonaparte and (don’t) kiss the frog.

2: Gunther Watté

Gunther Watté and his eponymous chocolate shop at Steenhouwersvest 30 also sells coffee, if you’re into coffee. He offers a wide range of pralines, chocolate art and other yummy goodies. Try his hot chocolate.


3: Sweertvaegher

Located at Groendalstraat 8, Sweertvaegher is a chocolatier since 1933. It has over eighty years of experience and refuses to make white chocolate because white chocolate isn’t chocolate.


4: G. Bastin

G. Bastin at Paardenmarkt 108 is near the BATS – English theatre. It’s a bit further afield but less touristicated. Worth a detour.


5: Mary

No, not all chocolatiers are men. Mary Delluc started her atelier in 1919 in Brussels. Her Antwerp shop is located at Korte Gasthuisstraat 34. Th Korte Gasthuisstraat is full of high quality food shops including bakeries, butcher’s and biscuit shops.


EXTRA: Chez Claire

Granted, it’s not a chocolatier. But éclairs are a chocolaty sweet indulgence. Situated at Schrijnwerkersstraat 15, Chez Claire sells various fancy éclairs, a French oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing. Chez Claire, a play on words on the pastry, offers a variety of icings. Are éclairs the new macarons?


EXTRA: Supermarket

You can also just go to a decent size supermarket. There’s so much choice of chocolate, chocolates and chocolate products available. As a snack, for cooking and baking, for on your toast, bread roll or sandwich. Belgians don’t realise how lucky they are…

Photos for this blog post were made just after Easter, hence the Easter theme.

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  1. Denzil says:

    Super post. I may reblog it later if you don’t mind?


    1. Timothy says:

      Thank you. It would be nice then if you reblog part of it and link to the rest here, no? 🙂


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